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Linux uninstall/misc. ?'s


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Hey guys, just a bit of linux info I'm curious of. I am n00bish with linux and I pretty much got it down as far as installing programs, but is there a special method to uninstalling programs or do I just delete the directory the install created?

Also 1 other thing. I was attempting to follow a well written tutorial on ndiswrapper from remote-exploit.org with the distro BackTrack and every since I followed that tutorial it rebuilt or re-compiled my kernel and now I have alot of problems and alot of things just not working anymore or working properly.

Just wondering if there was a way to restore the kernel to a previous state? Any help or advice is greatly apprecieated :D

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it's usually important to mention what distro you're using

there are different package managers that different distros use so the process of installing and uninstalling software is different depending on which distro you've got

if you installed your software using your package manager, there should be an equivelent command to remove a particular package

if you're new to linux something like synaptic or kpackage might be easier. they're gui package manager tools

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Thanks guys, sorry I thought I did mention the distro. I'm using BackTrack a distro I found on remote-exploit.org. As far as installing I haven't used any package managers I've just been doing:


make && make install

That being said "make deinstall clean" sounds like it might work and now I will look into those package managers also :D thanks guys.

Any suggestions on restoring the kernel to a previous state? I can't find anything in this distro that looks like it might do that.

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