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question about windows sp2


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why would you make your XP look like a mac O.o

just buy a mac if you like that look

and if you just want an alt to windys just get a unix distro preferbally a linux distro

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I'd totally buy a Mac if I was minted... and I could upgrade them ...or if the service packs weren't £100 a pop ...or if OSX didn't piss me off so much. In fact the only thing I would buy a mac for is a dedicated graphics workstation. Which I can do cheaper with a PC.

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I made the mistake of buying a mac while in high school because I was really heavy into photography. Trust me, it may just be that the powerbook that i have sucks but I really didn't enjoy the switch to much. I went back to windows for games and now I use Linux for everything else. Macs are just all fancy looking. I soon came to find out that I wasn't trendy enough to sport the "Mac" look. Plus the powerpc chips blow.

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1. The Macbooks and Macbook Pros aren't really good neough for decent games.

2. There's a premium on Macs in terms of price.

3. Running Windows on Bootcamp is slower than running Windows on a pure PC, since there is emulation of hardware to a certain extent (Macs use Firmware, PCs use BIOS)

4. Unless you're doing a lot of GFX/Video editing, there's no real point in using a Mac over a PC.

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