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PS2 Remote to PC


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So listen, I have an "IR" reciever on my new laptop and I have a PS2 "IR" Remote.

I was wondering if there was anyway to use the remote on my PC, or any remote.

Preferably the PS2 Remote so i dont have to go buy anything else!

Thanks guys keep up the great work! 8)


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IrDA (which is likely what the IR on your laptop is) isn't usually compatible with remote controls but there are applications that claim to be able to use IrDA with remote controls.

They're not always successful and it depends on the remote and the laptop but you might just be in luck.

I don't remember off the top of my head but a quick google for 'ir remote control windows' should get you somewhere.

Alternatively, if you have a receiver for the remote (the part you plug in the controller socket), you might have more success with a PS2 -> USB controller adapter... this will let you use your remote as a DirectX compatible game controller and from there you can use something like Joy2Key to allow you to assign keyboard shortcuts to each remote button to control your DVD player or media player application.

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Ahh, after almost 3 hours ... i think im lost.!!!

Is there anyone who can point me to a specific site!? or application.

One I did try was InfraX. I seems to work, but not with the PS2 Remote. is there a config file i can downlaod for the PS2 Remote ?

Any helpis greatly appreciated !

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my Sony Errscion K750i has a "remote" application, I have never been able to get it to work with my tv or anything .. but it has an IDRA (how many times do people say IRA instead of IDRA by accident XD) port on the phone, so maybe a solution liek that

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