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I am sorry to bother you here but CAN ANY BODY HELP ME TO FIGURE OUR how to properly install this: hak5_usb_hacksaw_ver0.2poc.rar into my U3 SanDisk

I have spand 2 days and it does not work :(

Here what I do

1) I insert U3 SanDisk in the computer

2) downloaded the " the link from there hak5_usb_hacksaw_ver0.2poc.rar " to my Desk top

3) unzip the file to the directory that I have created in my U3 SanDisk drive

4) ran LPInstaller.exe from the U3 SanDisk , following the installation

5) here I get puzzled, where do I need to create WIP directory ?? in system file of U3 SanDisk or any were on U3 disc? - (Copy the WIP directory in /payload to the root of the flash drive partition on the U3 SanDisk Cruzer Micro USB Drive.)

devise, I followed the instractions from the website but did not worked :( :oops:

I tried every possible options but it does not work

6) I use USE program FARG to edit the wip/sbs/send.bat file, but I does not work :(

any body please help me

may one post the or email me the screen chots?

my email y000ib1@mail.ru


Thank you


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vy gavority pah rusicky., Yah tojas is raciuy no nemago pisat, It ment dude just lol

Hi vot pricol y tebay icq est? esli da to stykne mne ii dai nomer ya tebe sam nabery,

my icq 4444-7777

ti gde jevesh ?

ya v etom dele typoi ne chego ne ponemau

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