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Install Linux via another machine


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I want to put install linux on my computer but I dont have any blank cd's to burn an iso, a friend of mine has the image burnt but he lives in another state, i do not have a floppy drive , all i have is a cd drive and a 1 gig usb storage device, my bios doesnt boot from usb,,,, anyway is there a way my friend could somehow install linux on my computer with his cds from his computer?? or is there a way i could still do it.? thx so much in advance

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i have heard of people installing os's over the network but since you friend is in a different state it's seems pretty impossible because you still need the first installation disk for the network install usually or a PXE motherboard (i could be wrong) best bet's are to just download them (at home or at school/college/uni whatever considering you have a 1gb usb drive it would be easy to take home)

an for the install you are just better off borrowing a cd-rw and burn the first disc and repeat until completely install (i am guessing you have 2+ pc's), if not some Linux os's like Ubuntu have a free disc delivery system at

https://shipit.ubuntu.com/ and for other disc at


but obviously there is a bit of a wait

hope this helps

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the minimum that you need for most versions of linux is simply to get your computer booted. most will let you install from ftp, the local hard drive, and even NFS. You're problem here is getting your computer booted.

as far as using his cds, you should probably just use one of the publically available ftp mirrors for your distro. They're probably going to have better bandwidth than your mate.

What distro are you using?

You're going to need to boot your computer, so it seems that you're unfortunately going to have to go out and buy a blank cd. you don't have a floppy drive and you say that your bios doesn't allow you to boot from usb, it seems you're stuck otherwise

you don't need to do too much though, the popular distros usually allow you to boot from a cd that has very little on it, and then to download the rest of what you need from an ftp server.

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