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Hrmm... Let's see:

- All caps - Check

- Exclamation mark overkill - Check

- Provided info outdated - Check. A full week late in fact.

- Vague threats to the viewer - Check

Any particular reason you posted this in a way that makes you appear to be an enormous noob?

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This was not out of date it was something we were doing last night. :)

Well, the movie's been available for a full week. Why re-dig the thing?

Which movie would you be talking about because this digg was for the live feed we were doing last night. :)

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yea, i just went to look on upcoming.

It's not there anymore

There are videos that have been submitted earlier than this by a few hours that are still on there, so it seems that this has been taken down, rather than simply having been on upcoming for too long

i think it could be part of the algorythm.

diggs that get to front page organically don't usually have a whole croud of people quickly digging them up and then being left there the way that is the case for when a digg is posted in #hak5 for example.

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