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old episode of Hak5 about MITM playfulness


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I remember an older episode of Hak5 when Darren was showing some fun with a MITM. He actually had an application that was reconstructing the packets as they flowed through his laptop and reconstructed the webpage that the user was surfing.Anyone remember that episode?

And for icing on the cake he did some text manipulation (like flipping the text upside down, or changing certain words. etc) so the user was seeing a 'modified' version of the web page.

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I don't recall that episode, but I've missed a few of the older ones during my hiatus so no real surprises there.

Unless of course you refer to this downright ancient

with none other than Harrison (remember him?? He was, like, the proto-Mubix). The programs used were Ethereal (now Wireshark) for network sniffing and Cain & Abel for acquiring passwords out of network traffic which is something you'd nowadays probably prefer to use something else for (pyrit, John The Ripper, HashCat...)

Messing around with what the user ends up seeing can be easily done with something like mitmproxy where you could assign a css class to the body open tag of any HTML text (replace the existing body tag with one that includes the css class) and inject the css class that inverts the page on each .css file and on each script open tag, say.

Putting a page upside down as shown in an episode was probably done with this Pineapple module so look for any Hak5 videos made in 2013 or after, which is basically season 14 and up. Also, since it's a Pineapple module, maybe it was featured in one of the Pineapple University videos...

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