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WIFI help with Kali Linux & VM ware


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Hi all maybe this has been covered here but for the life of me can't find a answer.

Long story short iv just installed up to date version of Kali Linux on a virtual machine with VM ware workstation 10 I believe.

When I go to terminal, iwconfig it only shows ls & eth0 with no wireless connections but can't see wlan0. I have the internet running on my laptop through wifi and also have a USB AWUS036H connected to the laptop.

Might be a noob question but any help would be great.

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Almost certainly caused by your wifi adapter being inserted already when you started up the Kali VM.

The correct order is:

1. Remove the wifi adapter

2. Start the VM and basically wait until you see the login prompt

3. Insert the wifi adapter

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At the bottom right corner of VMware, you can change the USB settings for devices on the fly. Even if connected to the main OS, you can change to VMware by clicking this and picking the USB card, then telling it to connect to the guest OS. You will probably be prompted, and afterwards hear the windows sound like you would when connecting and disconnecting USB thumb drives, which then you should be able to see it in vmware. dmesg in a console before and after you connect it to see though, but they won't always automatically connect to vmware unless it's set in the VM's settings.

If your wifi adapter is built in, you need to use a USB wifi adapter if you want to be able to change the adapter settings. VMware can use your existing connection over built in wireless, but not control the adapter other than changing eth0 up and down. Same for wired ethernet, which it treats wired and wireless as the same adapter when in pass through, but not for USB adapters.

If you want monitor mode in linux, you have to pass the USB adapter to VMware if it's not set to do so automatically(which you can change when the VM is power off under settings for USB devices - windows may automatically grab it though).

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Hi there thank for replies have decided to move away from the VM ware side of things and put kali onto a bootable USB. So here is my new problem if you can help out? Basically I have a 8gb USB 2.0 (turns out it's actually 7.5gb) have managed to out kali onto the USB with universal USB installer and was able to boot kali via the USB after a little tweaking with the bios (ASUS notebook).

Here is where I had a issue, the USB is not partitioned so is not running persistent so when I exit kali and power down I lost what files and work that has been done and for the life of me after trying ever thread and youtube video I can find on the subject it won't work to save my life and it's really stressful. If anyone could help it would be ++ reps

Thanks in advance all

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if it's just a live ISO and you want persistence, try doing the full persistent install:


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