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OpenWrt and Friendica advice


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After looking at Friendica 's mainpage i believe checking Hak5's own Friendica server i believe this would be a great addition to my Piratebox and possibly contribute it to the PIratebox project if everything works well.

So my questions are as followed

Would it be possible to run a Friendica Server on Openwrt?

I read that Friendica runs off a LAMP stack, from my understanding a full LAMP stack is a heavy load especially for the MR3020.

What other Options do i have?

PirateBox has lighttpd and uhttpd servers.

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Thanks Seb, I tried it out on a fresh install on my Mr3020 without the piratebox stuff installed. It is quite heavy on the little router. So after speaking with Matthais on the PB forums we came to the conclusion it is probably better suited to be paired up with the Pi version of piratebox. Still would be a nice addition, I might include it with my pro build of piratebox on my Mikrotek.

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