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Coding a VoIP e-mail alert system.


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A lot of web based e-mails out there offer SMS alerts when certain e-mails are recieved.

Thinking about coding a similar thing with something like:

Check every 30mins {

 If e-mail recieved.

   Get VoIP "softphone" to prank (2 rings) mobile phone in contact list.


Could probably be done using scripts (no code compilation required), but wouldn't know where to begin.

  • *Have a vague clue of how SMTP, POP... works.

*Not much clue on how web based authentication systems work, like if you can simply write a PHP script to login/logout + check e-mails.

*Perhaps Asterix is the best option for the softphone?

Will get around to doing this, after exams. But if others know of similar tools/code already available, that'd be great.


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