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Penetration Testing Laboratory

Luka Safonov

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Penetration Testing Laboratory "Test.lab v.7" codenamed "Achilles heel" will be open.

At this time you, professional hackers, must make a hacking of the real network of the virtual company "SecureSoft LLC", a software development. Complicating the situation is the fact high awareness in the field of information security of the company's employees. According to an agent's report of the state of the information security, IT-structure of the "SecureSoft LLC" fairly well protected from attacks. But there is a guess that vulnerabilities exist. Your goal - to discover the "Achilles heel" first and gain access to systems of the "SecureSoft LLC".

In addition to the realistic network with current vulnerabilities we made additional emphasis on visualization, realizing a world map attacks to the lab and updated statistics module tampering. We are very long and hard task implemented in the laboratory, leading them to a single, realistic story, with only one purpose - to give to everyone to try their hand at real penetration testing.


Discussion: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/pentestit/VUnM9yofzW8

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