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Wifi Pineapple Antennas


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Check with someone in the hak shop, but any sma 2.4ghz antenna should work. ie: http://store.wirelessunits.com/laird-technologies-2-3-2-7-ghz-and-3-3-3-9-ghz-wimax-antenna-rp-sma/?gclid=CLeUtOG0rMUCFSZo7Aodd2UAgg but I would shop around, that was the first hit on google.

(*Be careful not to buy a GSM antenna, since these have a dipole cute for different frequencies, length of the antenna matters)

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Someone else can comment on the appliccability (that whole male/female RP/non-RP variance is just a massive FAIL in my book), but you're probably just as well off with this one:


It might not look as impressive as the one you found, but it'll probably work just as well.

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hello all-

to follow up on the same topic, anyone with recommendations for a high-gain directional that is compact/portable for indoor use? ie: a flat-panel wall/window-mount with 12dbi or better gain?

Something like this, but not sure how far I trust random Alibaba reseller..

I'm looking for an antenna to use in portable wifi bridging situations.

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Start reading here.

Oh, and as for Alibaba, bottom line is that you get what you pay for. Within a model of something you can use Alibaba to find the cheapest guy to offer it, but the built quality will be the same all over. I lovingly refer to them as the Chinese Plastic shop, because that's really what you're buying. Any seller there flounting a brand name is selling a knock-off, guaranteed. There's a video by Andrew McNeil out there where he bought a cheap panel antenna like that (he got it off ebay, but meh) and he found that if he held a big screw to the inner pin of the SMA connector on his Alfa he got better reception than from that antenna. Turned out the wire was of fairly poor quality, the back reflector wasn't grounded and actually too small, the biquad within was too high off the back reflector, bent significantly, joined in the center due to shitty soldering, the sheet of metal the biquad was cut out of had a large section between the two diamond shapes that really shouldn't be there and to top it all off the diamond shapes weren't the correct size for proper operation at wifi frequencies.
I'd say that if you buy off of Alibaba, either go for components, for things you're confident you can easily repair/improve or understand that for that money, it really has to be shit but even that might be good enough for you. Like my dirt-cheap tablet was to me.

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