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Problem With Karma

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I cant seem to get clients to connect to my pineapple, I am receiving probe requests and hosting the relevant AP's using dogma but i have not had a single client connect. I have all the network adapters enabled and all of the pine AP modules. I have not seen the red LED on the pineapple ever light up (apart from when it boots). I am using the latest firmware (2.3.0) and have had it running overnight but still no success, I have disabled the wireless management network as i know that this can cause problems. i have some screenshots.






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I notice you have wlan1 enabled. I believe that Dogma and Beacon Response uses wlan1 as part of it's operation.

I have wlan1 unchecked and I seem to have no (short term) trouble with PineAP doing it's thing, I have seen many clients connect. Try and uncheck wlan1 and see what happens. Could be that if wlan1 is enabled... PineAp cannot use it?

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After a day and a half I still have not had any clients connect, I have nothing in either blacklists and I have karma and pine AP turned on. I also have wlan0 and wlan3 enabled (wlan 3 in client mode). Is there anything that I might have missed or should I try to rma it.

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