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What are you showing me, Harvester?!

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Hi all. Wasn't sure if this belonged here or in the "Questions" forum since it's not necessarily a MarkV-specific observation.

Very pleased to see that Harverster passively collecting SSIDs is now working properly! After I let Harvester do it's thing for five or ten minutes, I'm seeing a number of entries like this:


("Socket Public" is obviously not part of what's confusing me)

I would say a solid half of the SSIDs in my PineAP management list are random characters like this. I found this thread from back in 2009, but that's the closest thing I've found to what I'm experiencing. Same concept? Wildly off? "garbled SSID", "random SSID" and "gibberish SSID" are turning up very little on Google.. :dry:

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Bleh, I should have just waited and thought about it longer...

The first thing I did post firmware update was run Harvester. After posting this thread, I turned on Karma to see how 2.3.0 was treating it. Wasn't long before I saw the source of the probe requests; looks like somebody has a Nintendo 3DS nearby.

Guess it's time to make more coffee! :tongue:

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Hmmm, I've added the offending MAC address to Karma's blacklist, then restarted Karma... still getting probes!

Turned off everything in the PineAP tile, waited about 30 seconds, then re-enabled PineAP daemon, Harvest SSIDs, and MK5 Karma (as well as both log checkboxes). Still getting probes from that loud-mouthed 3DS.

I fully powered down the Pineapple for 30 seconds, powered it back on, and the 3DS probes still aren't being discarded.

Armaal, if you're not busy and if you're also on 2.3.0, could you see if you experience the same issue or if I am just overlooking something? Please and thank you!

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