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Help - MarkV stopped working no longer able to connect


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Hello Everyone

I hope someone can help me out as my pineapple has decided to stop working.

It used to work perfectly fine.

Unfortunately tonight I couldn't acces the web interface anymore.

I have then restarted the pineapple but yet I couldn't get to the web interface. This time I have noticed that at the end of the booting procedure the green light was on and all the rest blinking in sequence.

I decided to make a factory reset through the dip switches but again with no positive result. The light behaviour was: 1)green and red fix 2)green fix and blu blinking for 4/5 min 3)green fix with blue, red and amber blinking in sequence. I tryed to plug the ethernet cable but the pinapple didn't stop the light loop and behaved as it couldn't recognise the ethernet cable

I thought the device might have been bricked and therfore I followed the unbrick procedure. All went well up to the final re-boot where yet again I got the same light behaviour and the ethernet cable didn't get recognised and I couldn't establish the connection to the pineapple.

I would really appreciate if anyone can help me to understand what has happened to my pineapple and what need to be done to find a solution

Thank you


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Could you ave forgotten the Ethernet connection procedure? I have found after not using the wired connection for a while, I may have to look up those instructions.

But try rebooting again and once it completes the reboot (flashing blue/solid green), Open your wireless connection manager and look for the pineapple's AP (secure or non-secure). Connect to that and browse to

Let us know if that helps at all.

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Hi fringes

Thank you for your indications. You pointed me to the right direction and i got my issue resolved.

I was able to connect wirelessly to the pineapple and eventually sort the configuration out.

As far as the ethernet was concerned it was just a silly thing like the ethernet interface being (some how) disconnected.....

Thank you again, and by the way can you point me to some nice tutorial about PïneAP?

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