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Windows prompts for password...but won't let me type it!


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I have a system with a weird quirk that I'm trying to resolve. For the past couple of weeks it has randomly decided not to let anyone enter their user account password at the login screen. This is on a system running WinXP SP2 using Fast User Switching.

Here's what happens: Windows is at the login screen with no one currently logged in. A user can click their account name, windows will display the password entry field...but you can't type on it. If you click a different account (which doesn't require a password), Windows will log in. If you immediately log out of that account and click the first account again, you can type the password.

Any ideas?

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Well, I use it so my kids (7 and 4) can each have their own workspace. It gives them their own computer, without, uh, giving them their own computer. :)

The only time there's a problem logging in is when I want to log in. I never hear them complain.

But I agree, it is pretty janky.

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I could turn off the Welcome screen, but I don't know how my parents would react to that. My mom gets confused between left and right clicking. I have to wonder if Alt-Tabbing might make it appear. I've had Windows sit there at the login waiting for a response that was hidden.

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The only real solution there is to educate her. Just sit down with her one evening and explain how it works, then go threw it with her a few times. If she's not confident with computers you'll need to take it slow and at no point make her feel at all dumb. If you increase her confidence by doing it that way, she'll get it in no time.

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