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Compile C Programs on MKV


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I haven't been able to find a way to compile C programs on the MKV yet and am wondering if anyone else has done it. Opkg has make in the repository but it doesn't do me any good without being able to point the Makefile to a compiler. I've looked up how to compile on another system and set the target to an ARM based architecture but I'm honestly lost when it comes to toolchains. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


I may have just found something useful here called CrossTool. I'm trying it now and if I can get a C program compiled properly before anyone else brings forth a solution I will attempt to build a how-to guide on it.

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Seb, is it really necessary to rebuild the whole firmware just to compile a single program? I assume it's building the toolchain in this process which is why it must be done. Also, I get errors randomly when following the wiki. I've successfully built the example-package but I feel it was a stroke of luck because I kept receiving errors, couldn't find anything I was doing wrong, then it magically worked. I'm trying to find a process that consistently works so I can write up a quick tutorial. I feel the wiki needs a little more information.

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