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iOS killer?


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Hi Guys,

Has anybody worked out how to create an infusion out of this:


Could be a bit of fun LOL


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Yeah, I too had wondered about this, seems ideal for the pineapple...

*Just go stand outside the local apple store and watch and wait...

*Hypothetically of course. No hacking with my pineapple..

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Whoops!!! Sec research team uncovers one of NSAs new functionality gems on Apple iOS.


What was that last "bit" of the NSA that went public....a sweet little backdoor in iOS that allowed NSA to install persistent anycode on an iOS system? Jeep or some shit?

The NSA wet dream is to be able to shut down gatherings they, uhh, don't agree with, en masse, completely disable the ability for anyone to communicate real time, to take pictures/videos, redirect efforts, issue warnings, etc. This "bug" has it all. Crash, freeze, reboot, repeat.

I don't believe for a single second this was a flaw. This was our tax dollars hard at work in the backrooms of corporate IT delivering for the NSA and LEOs, whom I bet are pissed their little Easter egg ace-in-the-hole was found so readily and is now being dismantled.

NSA No iOS Zone v2.0 coming right up!




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No worries, it happens to us all :-) I haven't seen anything onward with it, so hopefully someone else has and will report back.

Here's hoping! I wouldn't mind being able to set up a pineapple module with this functionality.

Sick of seeing hipsters on their iphones, ipads, or ipods in your local starbucks? One click of a button and they all disappear.

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