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[Release] 2.3.X - Codename: Logasaurus


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Finally an improved wireless tethering system has been implemented, allowing one to share an Internet connection from a client device - such as a laptop or rooted smartphone. In this configuration a tertiary WiFi interface such as a USB ALFA radio is unnecessary - thus lowering overall power consumption and increasing run time for battery powered systems. Just connect to the WPA Management AP, set a static IP to and enable sharing with iptables - just as you would with wp5.sh

Can someone clarify this part? I've connected my rooted Android to my MKV before (wireless and USB) What's different now?

Thanks guys!

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Still having some problems....

The OTA download went fine and the update process seemed to be working, but after 15 minutes I still couldn't connect over the wired ethernet connection.

So, I downloaded the update file to my PC, SCP'd it over to the Pineapple and ran the upgrade there. That worked fine, but I had 2 infusions loaded via the Pineapple bar, and now when I try to get them back, I get the headers for the list of available infusions but no content.

Where have the infusions gone? Can I download them on the PC and install them manually?


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I've been using 2.0.3 all this time and never noticed their were firmware updates the new improvements are really nice guys. Now if some more cool infusions could be made would be awesome.

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