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[Release] 2.3.X - Codename: Logasaurus


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Hey everyone,
With Hack Across Europe wrapped, Pentest with Hak5 launched, and extensive testing completed, we're finally ready to release this milestone WiFi Pineapple firmware.
Under the hood, 2.3.0 brings a completely revamped PineAP system and much improved Karma. The speed improvements have us winning race conditions more frequently. In short, it's more effective than ever before!
The rewritten Client Report from the PineAP tile now displays more reliable information in an easier to read fashion while hooking directly in with the new logging system. With just a click you can jump from the Client Report to a filtered Log specific to a Client MAC or its Connected SSID. This means less copy-pasta and more immediate intelligence gathering. It also looks great on desktop or mobile.
Additionally the entire logging system has been abstracted and daemonized meaning one can now gather intel in a completely passive fashion, collecting either probe or association logs independently of Karma.
Moreover the autostart system has been greatly simplified, making it now possible to configure your WiFi Pineapple to start just the PineAP modules you want at boot. This is perfect for any deployment scenario from passive logging and harvesting to a secondary Dogma support roles to the full blown suite. Just click the Autostart Config link in the PineAP small tile and check the boxes for the modules you want started at boot.
Finally an improved wireless tethering system has been implemented, allowing one to share an Internet connection from a client device - such as a laptop or rooted smartphone. In this configuration a tertiary WiFi interface such as a USB ALFA radio is unnecessary - thus lowering overall power consumption and increasing run time for battery powered systems. Just connect to the WPA Management AP, set a static IP to and enable sharing with iptables - just as you would with wp5.sh
We're very excited about this next major milestone release and hope you will join us on Wednesday, April 30 at 10pm UTC for a community hangout with the WiFi Pineapple team to go over the awesome new features. We hope you'll be there!

Changelog 2.3.0:

  • PineAP changes and fixes
    • Added the ability to autostart the entire PineAP suite
    • Harvester can now harvest SSIDs without Karma being enabled
    • Fixed the ability to blacklist MAC addresses and added whitelist mode
    • Renamed 'Intelligence Report' to 'Clients'
      • Information is now gathered in a more reliable fashion
      • Only currently connected clients are displayed
      • Clicking on a client's MAC or SSID will jump to the karma log and apply the appropriate filter
      • Added last-seen column
  • PineAP Logging
    • All new logging daemon to process events
    • Logging probes / associations is now independent of having Karma enabled
    • Logs are deduplicated in 30 second chunks automatically to avoid excessive log spam while retaining important information
  • Improvement of webinterface
    • Multiple PHP processes are now spawned to prevent longer running scripts
    • Infusion tabs taking longer to load do not lock up webinterface
  • Improved the ability provide internet access over WiFi.
    • Joining the WPA2 management network, assigning the IP, and sharing an internet connection allows the WiFi Pineapple to get online.
  • Miscellaneous other fixes
Download: Over the air through the web-interface. (alternatively at https://wifipineapple.com?downloads)
Note: To flash this over the web-interface, please make sure your info tile is at it's latest version.
As usual, please leave any feedback in this thread.
Bugs, suggestions can also (and should be) be left here.
We hope you enjoy this release!
-The WiFi Pineapple Team
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Great job guys! Thanks for listening to all the feedback.

I'm really looking forward to playing around with this.

Quick question, Auto starting the PineAp suite is basically replacing the need to auto start with dip switches. (at least for PineAP Suite), right?

Thanks again!!!

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OK...pretty creepy...lifes thrown me a few curves and been away a while. Got a feeling I should check in an BOOM, DarSeb INC. brings the heat with a new f/w release!!!! You were puttin out the energy, cosmic! ;)

Looks fantastic gang, can't wait to update. Am I reading that correctly, I can now provide the inet service via my rooted Android...the same droid I'm going to use to use to admin up to the MKV with? So all I need in the field is the MKV, an external alfa, and my rooted droid with 4g?? No more usb 3g/4g dongle needed!?! THAT is fantastic!!! That is indeed the droid I seek!

Well, I am baked and stoked (a pretty creative place to be actually :)), so before I go have some fun, huge thanks to Darren, Seb, and the whole devcrew. Its like fuckin Christmas every time a new release comes out. So much good stuff every single time!

Also, can I get a link or somn to the community hangout gig on Wed? I'm not a huge fan of google anything anymore, hope its not a googthang. ;)

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things seem to be loading much faster and running much much smoother

still issues with missing scrollbars on a few infusions.

would be nice to be able to resize tiles on the main page. many tilies could use more real estate while others could use less. some dont need anything other than a name bar

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join us on Wednesday, April 30 at 10pm UTC for a community hangout with the WiFi Pineapple team

The date is wrong Wednesday -> Thursday ? Couse today is the 30.

So it´s today or ?

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