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Can't connect , Keeps showing Firework


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Hello all,

My pineapple won't let me acces the interface, I do get a IP and can connect via wifi channel. But when i want to go to the interface page,

i keep getting " page not found " I have tried a reset, That didn't work. When i follow the steps to factory restore then i can upload the mean factory file.

That interface does work. But after it is complied and i want to connect again to the pineapple and go to, It's shows again the message ' Page not found "


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No, i can't even de fist setup page doesn't work


Yes, I can ping Result 0% packet lost, ping time 1ms


when i put it on power the led light goas like

1. green, orange(Flashing)

2.Green, Red( Flashing )

3.Green(Static), Bleu ( Flashing)

4. Firewoks

and than it steeds on firework mode

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Just to make sure I understand... You did a factory reset (presumably using dip switches), and after it rebooted (green, flashing blue), it came up with lots of blinking lights and solid lights. So you connected your (Widows Laptop?) to the new Pineapple AP and once you got an IP from the pineapple, you tried to browse (Firefox or Chrome) to but got a 404 status "Page not found." Is that correct? That's very strange. The 404 comes from the web server and indicates that the default page was not found. While connected to the pineapple's default AP, click on the above link and tell me if you still get a 404. (Are you sure it wasn't a connection timeout?)

Also, I'm not sure what you mean by:

"... then i can upload the mean factory file. That interface does work. But after it is complied ..."

What do you mean by "mean factory file" and "after it is compiled?"

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The firework led status you speak of is normal when the pineapple is loaded that is how the leds are suppose to flash try this guide from hear https://scotthelme.co.uk/wifi-pineapple-mark-v-introduction-setup/ it is a great write up on how to fully set your pineapple up helped me out when i first started any problems just reply back hear and i or any of the more experienced members will give you any help good luck

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Flashing blaeu :rolleyes: and solid green means the power is on and it's booting. Mine takes less than a minute and a half to boot. I suspect you may have bricked it. Try the "Unbricking a bricked WiFi Pineapple MKV" instructions.Then make sure you get the password set and are able to reboot and login. Then upgrade again from the "WiFi Pineapple MK5" infusion.

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