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Greetings All!

A little back ground, I recently got myself a Kyocera Hydro Life, searching around and trying many methods of doing so, the only way I have found to root the thing is using Root Genius.

So that is what I have done, it installs a root management system called "Kinguser" on the device, it seems to do what it supposed to do as far as root management goes. All the Root Checkers say I have access I can browse to the Root Folders and what not, so I am convinced that I do have root permissions.

Doing searches on Android forums and general Google searches I can't find anyone claiming malware or steals info, but I would guess most people could care less about it and don't look any further. I attempted to install SuperSU as I know it has a good reputation, but it will not install, not sure if Kinguser is blocking it or if there is another problem.

What I want to do is try to figure out if anything fishy is going on. I have a firewall installed and blacklisted Kinguser; however since it has full control of the phone presumably, I don't trust that is doing what I told it to.

My next step of testing is connect it to my guest side of my home router and watch the logs and see if there is any fishy traffic happening.


1> Anyone have any experience with Root Genuis / Kinguser? Is it bad? Am I overly paranoid?

2> What would be my best bet for monitoring the traffic?

Thanks for your time and help!

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1. Not me. Don't know. There's no such thing.

2. Wireshark. Hands down. If it's too heavy use TCPDump to get the traffic then load the dump file into Wireshark on a more capable machine.

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When you root phone ,you will lost data and apps .But do this can speed up and clean your android phone !

It depends on the rooting method. The methods that require unlocking the boot loader will result in all information being destroyed. There are other methods for rooting, even temporary root that do not destroy information previously on the device.

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