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Infusion Problems ?


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Hi i seem to have a problem with certain infusions mainly sslsplit sslstrip and urlsnarf whenever i start one from the tile it says running if i open the tile it states it is not running with a red x or even if i click the refresh button from the tile it changes from running to not running is there a fix or is this a known error

Just to add when i click say sslstrip and i refresh and it says its not running it kills my internet connection what could be the problem ?

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You sould report the issues found into each infusion topic. On the other hand, acctually SSLstrip and SSLsplit would not work in most of the webpages due to the HSTS (it force the connection to be HTTPS). There are several topics about HSTS.

Anyways, if you can always try to run the infusions through ssh.

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