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Mark V Question Deauth


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Hi The WiFi Deauth Infusion is great but one question is there a way to actually kick the client from the AP as all the Deauth seems to do is stop internet connectivity doesn't actually kick client from AP I am trying to do the Evil Twin Method like I use to do back in kali without using kali if that makes sense basically

1 Run PineAP

2 Launch a infusion that can kick client from a specified AP

3 Hope then the client connects back to the Fake AP of the same SSID that was created by PineAP

Is this possible

Thanks in Advance

The More you learn the More You are able to Teach

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Cheers for the reply i did not know about recon mode this has fixed this for me scan for AP+Clients spam deauth client until the victims device connects to a open fake probe that there device has stored that has in turn been created by pineAP

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