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aireplay-ng deauth doesnt work as it should be


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ok so i used aireplay-ng --deauth 2 -a [router mac]

than it says couldnt determine current channel for mon0 you should either force it blah blah blah it suggested --ignore-negative-one

it didnt work either now it asked for either -a or -e

so i entered following command

aireplay-ng --deauth 3 -a [my router mac] mon0 -e [my connected phone mac]

it sucessfully nocked off my phone of the wifi and indicated packet loss on comand

airodump-ng -w test --bssid [my router mac] mon0 -c 11

now i stopped dumping the packets and when i tryed

aircrack-ng -w [ location of file containing a lot of repetitive bullshit and somewhere in the middle having a real password] test-01.cap

it didnt find any wpa handshakes and quits aircrack.

what am i doing wrong??? please help

P.S. posted from android device

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try starting the card in monitor mode with the channel you want to work on.airmon-zc start vs ng too. airodump-ng -c #channelyouwanttoworkon -w dump mon0 and then try the aireplay-ng attack again.

you may have to capture longer and keep repeating the deauth a few times. airodump will say when it has seen the handshake so if the phone does not automatically reconnect you won't see it either

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Did you start airodump-ng before deauthing ? If not, try starting airodump-ng, and leave it running while you run aireplay-ng in another window. When a 4 way handshake is captured, airodump will normally tell you in the upper right-hand corner, unless you're using a REALLY old version. You can see an example in this image (not mine) : http://s94.photobucket.com/user/TAPE_RULEZ/media/ocl03.jpg.html

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