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So I recently bought a Pineapple Mark V, and for some reason when I went to plug it in earlier it wouldn't turn on. I've went through all the logical checks, there have been no power surges, I've never cut it on without having antennas plugged in, it stays in the box it came in on a shelf when not in use, no one else has used it, I have not messed with any of the DO NOT TOUCH UNLESS YOU KNOW WHAT YOUR DOING stuff. I don't know what to do. I tried factory reseting it to get it to cut on by putting the second and third switches in the down position, cutting it on and leaving it on for five minutes with no response. No LEDs light up it wont conenect via ethernet nothing. Please help. It is still within warantee and if I cannot get it to work then I will just have it replaced as this is obviously a manufacturer issue, but I was hoping SOMEONE might know how to fix this.

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If you have a multi meter, check the voltage output on the power supply. If you need assistance with how to do that, ask.

And to add to that, try alternate power sources such as the charged battery (if you have one), or the USB power cable (if you have one). Also, make sure you are using the correct power supply, and not a battery charger.

It sounds like it has been working, so Mr-Protocol's suggestion is what I would try first. Also, physically inspect the power connector on the pineapple for damage, and never power it through the USB port.

And whatever you do, never ever feed it after midnight. :grin:

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