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Kali Linux cannot reach internet


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Dumb question, but what site did you download kali from?

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Just wanted to make sure it was the official site, since there have been rouge sites offering modified downloads of the distro, which is why I was wondering if you are being redirected at the DNS level. One thing to try, verify the MD5 hash and that its a good download though, but I have a feeling there is something else going on just not sure since we can't see your setup or what you are doing.

You use the wifi manager vs manually connecting, correct? can you try using a wired setup and plug into your router over ethernet so we can rule out it's not just some wonky wifi card issues? I'm wondering if your ISP sees your machines name though or a services on the machine and is blocking access/redirecting you. I would try hard coding OpenDNS into the settings for DNS instead of which is googles DNS servers. You can also add them to your router so they get passed to Kali during DHCP request.

Also if new to kali, know that you're probably running as root. before connecting to the internet open a console and just change the default password since it's publicly known (passwd command) and choose a new password. if on a live disc, should do this every time you login before doing anything else.

If it works under wired, but not wireless, then I'd say it's something on the wifi side not configured properly in which I'd probably not use a wifi manager, and try clearing everything and connecting manually with wpa_supplicant(if your router is using wpa) and dhcpd. (is Dnsmasq installed by default these days on kali?)

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Tried connecting via ethernet cable, everything worked great. Gonna assume at this point that it was the wifi card.

Card may be constantly dropping and reconnecting, which it may be getting bad dhcp updated data and saying your lease is in use or something on the routers end. I think it may just be bad configuration or settings on the wifi side though, but if wired works, that's a good sign. Remember to change your password though. If SSH is up or any other services that can be logged into remotely(although you'd need port fowarding to reach in most cases unless you modem is also a wifi gateway) you have the potential to unlock you home lan to attacks.
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