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Capabilities for WiFi Tethering


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Hey guys, been awhile... I was active in the Mark IV but am working on a new setup and just want to run it by the Mark V users to make sure it is possible.

- I have a MiFi type device I want to tether the Mark V to, while still having full capabilities. I have an Alfa AWUS036NH, would it be best to add and configure this device to connect to the tether, or use the USB tethering method (will that even work?) - Unit is ZTE Z915 http://www.zteusa.com/tmobile-hotspot-z915

- It appears the "Pineapple Stats" infusion is essentially a war driving application, is this true? It appears to have GPS support, can it use a USB GPS device to correlate the data to a location?

- How capable is the Mark V in terms of memory/cpu. The Mark IV was fairly limiting with how much it could process at a time before it reset itself, has this been mainly resolved? For example could I run "Pineapple Stats", and ADS-B infusions without issue?

My goal here is to create a lightweight automated WiFi mapping system as I drive around with the ability to view ADS-B data and do pen testing if necessary.

Thanks guys, hope to start contributing again soon :rolleyes:

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Just want to update this with my comments after receiving the Mark V

- ZTE 915 is compatible via client wifi bridge or via USB tethering. Follow documentation for other t-mobile devices, no need for any addition WiFi controllers.

- GPSd works just fine, have not attempted using this with Pineapple Stats infusion

- Other than on my initial setup I really haven't run into similar issues that I had with the Mark IV where a ceiling would be hit on CPU load and the unit would restart. Wifite runs without issue. ADS-B infusion does consume a lot of CPU as predicted and I would not recommend running anything that also polls the CPU heavily such as SSL Strip or Airodump concurrently.

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