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[Sell] Tactical Pentesting Hacking Full Set


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Hi guys,

I'm getting rid of most of my equipment.. as a package (because it fit's so perfect in that pelican case ).

Just made some pictures for Ebay but then I thought, I ask here first :)

Somebody interested in buying this combo? I want to have the new Surface 3, so USD499 would be nice to get.

Set consists of:

- IBM T410 (Core I5, 8GB Ram, 128GB SSD)

- Docking station

- Raspberry PI

- Rubber Ducky

- Sundisk Cruzer M3 USB

- OTG Cable


- Flex Ethernet Cable

- Pineapple Mark4

- Alpha AWUS036H

- 5db Antenna

- 10db Antenna

- SDR dongle

- HDD to USB Adapter

- Big Pelican Case 1495

As the file size here is limited, here are the high-res pictures: https://mega.co.nz/#F!F5dExIwS!7GfWeaxG0cWS5GW6Cz5t8Q

Do we have a deal?

best regards


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Hi guys,

sorry, I was traveling abroad and reaaally busy. Even too busy to put in on Ebay yet :) Yes, it is still for Sale. I leave the country again on Wednesday for 5 weeks, whatever we can agree on earlier would be nice :)

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If these items are still for sale, Iam very much interested .This is a serious response no games- the price is not an object....

Thought about selling my MK5 on ebay :B I just need to see where I can find a box to ship the stuff in $250 for a MK5 and I can buy it again later for $100 :b

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