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[OpenSource] WiFiSpy - A visual WiFi Network Analyzing Tool

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Ok so I've been looking for tools that would visualize the traffic for WiFi, like the stations connected to a Access Point, beacons etc... the good stuff
Couldn't find many tools out there so I simply gave it a shot myself to code it as I needed it aswell just for fun
So what does this tool do you ask ?
WiFiSpy is a WiFi Network Analyzing Tool that will show you cool information about your surroundings and more!
It's able to analyze from your surroundings how many devices are in your area, figure out if it's a Android, Mac, iPad, iPhone device etc
It will show you to which websites your target went to (hence the spying) aswell
It will steal your WiFi connection history, if you've connected to a "McDonald's Free Wifi" recently, this will show you if the device was
And there's alot more to come, at the moment I am focused at grabbing information from devices and such
This tool will be great if you're traveling a lot and are coming across a lot of Free Wifi networks
This tool will only analyze Cap Files, you need Airodump, Aircrack-ng to run yourself, google how to do these things as I will not help u with this
The images are out-dated a little bit, but overall looks the same
  • Get a hourly overview of the Stations, (Hidden) Access Points
  • Get a weekly overview of the Unique stations and more
  • Access Point overview with how many were seen, is WPS enabled, how many are Hidden
  • Overview of all the stations (Including with filters)
  • View the traffic of every station
  • View all the WiFi Repeaters
  • View all the Access Points with all the stations connected to them
  • Live Capture from a linux machine using the Aircrack-Ng Suite (Live capture over the Internet is also possible)
  • Get information from a station: GPS coordinates, Device Type (Android, Apple... etc), Device Version, Last Seen at, Local IP Address(es), Probe List
  • CSV and GPX Formats for GPS is supported
  • Detect Rogue Access Points (will be shown in Red)
  • De-Cloak an Access Point to reveal it's real name if a station connected to it while listening for traffic
  • Get all the coordinates where a station was seen and convert it to a GPS KML extension file to view it in google maps
This tool is only for windows, import the .cap files you have and you're good to go, or else Copy them to the Data/Captures
I hope I posted in the right section, otherwise a mod can move this ;)
Convenience comes at a price, don't ever connect to Open Wifi Networks
Have a good 1 :happy:
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Hey I am trying to use this but I can't seem to get it working. I can't figure out how to use airodump and I have been using wireshark to get .cap files. I have tried almost every file extension when saving the file with wireshark but no matter what I do when I try loading it up in wifispy it doesn't change anything. If I move the file to the data folder it says that the file is already in use but still nothing changes. Help me pleeeaaassee

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