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New firmware coming out soon and MITMf integration on the cards!


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Looks like a new release will be coming out soon, but even more exciting is the MITMf integration that is on the cards (Unless this is going to be in the next release!). MITMf will replace some of the infusions we have come to love and hate, and replace them with a one stop shop framework. This will hopefully solve some of the issues we were having running multiple infusions impacting the network. Now we will have the best of hardware and software MITM in one sweet pineapple!

Some functionality may not make it due to being CPU intensive (FilePwn), regardless, this is going to be a giant leap!

MITMf V0.9.5

Framework for Man-In-The-Middle attacks

Availible plugins

  • Responder - LLMNR, NBT-NS and MDNS poisoner
  • SSLstrip+ - Partially bypass HSTS
  • Spoof - Redirect traffic using ARP Spoofing, ICMP Redirects or DHCP Spoofing and modify DNS queries
  • Sniffer - Sniffs for various protocol login and auth attempts
  • BeEFAutorun - Autoruns BeEF modules based on clients OS or browser type
  • AppCachePoison - Perform app cache poison attacks
  • SessionHijacking - Performs session hijacking attacks, and stores cookies in a firefox profile
  • BrowserProfiler - Attempts to enumerate all browser plugins of connected clients
  • CacheKill - Kills page caching by modifying headers
  • FilePwn - Backdoor executables being sent over http using bdfactory
  • Inject - Inject arbitrary content into HTML content
  • JavaPwn - Performs drive-by attacks on clients with out-of-date java browser plugins
  • jskeylogger - Injects a javascript keylogger into clients webpages
  • Replace - Replace arbitary content in HTML content
  • SMBAuth - Evoke SMB challenge-response auth attempts
  • Upsidedownternet - Flips images 180 degrees


  • Addition of the Sniffer plugin which integrates Net-Creds currently supported protocols are: FTP, IRC, POP, IMAP, Telnet, SMTP, SNMP (community strings), NTLMv1/v2 (all supported protocols like HTTP, SMB, LDAP etc..) and Kerberos

  • Integrated Responder to poison LLMNR, NBT-NS and MDNS, and act as a WPAD rogue server.

  • Integrated SSLstrip+ by Leonardo Nve to partially bypass HSTS as demonstrated at BlackHat Asia 2014

  • Addition of the SessionHijacking plugin, which uses code from FireLamb to store cookies in a Firefox profile

  • Spoof plugin now supports ICMP, ARP and DHCP spoofing along with DNS tampering

  • Spoof plugin can now exploit the 'ShellShock' bug when DHCP spoofing!

  • Usage of third party tools has been completely removed (e.g. ettercap)

  • FilePwn plugin re-written to backdoor executables and zip files on the fly by using the-backdoor-factory and code from BDFProxy

  • Added msfrpc.py for interfacing with Metasploits rpc server

  • Added beefapi.py for interfacing with BeEF's RESTfulAPI

  • Addition of the app-cache poisoning attack by Krzysztof Kotowicz (blogpost explaining the attack here http://blog.kotowicz.net/2010/12/squid-imposter-phishing-websites.html)





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Oh, finally we are getting a new firmware, it's been a while.. That Pineapple developer is sure taking a long time...!

Well stackoverflow can only respond to all of the topics he creates so fast. It takes a while. And then he was to figure out how to compile which takes even longer

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There is no offical release day. So you still have to wait.

A more interesting question: Will the pineapple be a able to handle the Framework and do a stable Man-In-the-Middle-Attack ?

Since i have many random reboots a day on the MarkV without a tons of infusions i can't believe it.

The 400 Mhz and the 64 MB RAM is just that low to bring in a stable device for such an attack.

But yeah – we will see!

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