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I have a few questions about MK5


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1.I'm trying to use sslstrip and sslsplit, SSLstrip functions SOMETIMES and autostops itself after a while. SSLSPLIT actually works alot better for me and show me some connection data and does what it's supposed to do, BUT it shuts off after a while.

I think, correct me if I'm wrong, that this depends on the log files being too large for the internal memory. How can I make sure the log files are stored in the SD section?

2. Why is these infusions like this? do they stop after running for a while for you to?

3. I am trying to use the guide that Chris Haralsson is providing to create my own SSH server with ubuntu, I am not successful on using a wireless adapter with the tutorial. Why would I be recommended to use a wireless adapter for it? Can I just skip the steps of getting an internet connection if lets say I have a computer im not using and it has a static ip adress? Thanks, I will probably have more questions soon. Regards, Mike

Edit: After running for a few minutes both of the infusions stop my internet connection on the WIPI. Can't go to any page, not even http

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