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360 wireless networking adapter


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ok so i have this older xbox arcade wireless adapter and i would like to get some help on getting it to work on my machine

What i know so far

its locked to the xbox software ( so i read), as in the xbox tells it to work by authenticating somehow.

not sure what wireless chip it is, i have read that its an atheros chipset, i had it open and tried to identify the chips but all i could get is that they are from china and there ic chips ( big surprise there)

honestly i dont even think there is a wireless chipset on this thing and that maybe it is just an intelligent antenna of some sort i can take pics if you guys want to see what the board looks like and maybe be able to get some good shots of the chip that i can blow up, just gotta find my camera or a cell with a good high res camera.

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since i cant edit guess ill add to it,

my hopes are that if there is a wireless chip on it i can use it on my desktop for pen testing and fucking with my neighbor :P

if there is not then perhaps use it for something else by rewriting to the chip(s) that are on there.

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The FCC ID of the device is C3K1398 which brings me to this page on the X-Box 360 wifi adapter which refers to both the FCC documents (which include internal and external photographs) as well as this linux-wireless mailinglist message that suggests it's a unique device requiring different firmware code and, as such, isn't likely to get supported by Linux anytime soon.

Also, fucking with anybody without their explicit consent is frowned upon here.

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