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Wlan1 out when karma enable

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Hi guys,

I have the wifi pineapple V for one year maybe and i didn t succeed yet to do something with it exept of my phone hacked.

But now, i just have a battery and now wifi pineapple bug :

Before, With karma in autostart mode, all settings loaded at booting but now, only one is on at booting karma mk5 only ticked.

And when I start the others, wlan1 goes down.

When I put wlan1 on again, karma and others stopped immediatly.

I have reseted wireless settings, reseted to default factory and re-flash the pineapple.

No changes.

Is there anyone who got the solution and save my pineapple...


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thanks for info

What a noob I am...

So i have to use wlan0 to make client mode ?

If you wanna use PineAP and also be able to give internet to the Pineapple you need a External Wireless card hak5 sells it in their shop.

I'm tried right now so hopefully the way i read your comment was that i guess you're trying to use PineAP and also wanna be able to use Client Mode if yes then what i said is what you will need.

Besure to plug in the external wireless card in before you power on the pineapple.

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