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Mini-Drone Error


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Hi Gang! I wasn't sure if there was a dedicated section on the forums for Drones (not from what I saw) but I call upon the Drone gods for education:

Unfortunately it was too big to upload, but I threw it into my public Dropbox: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/3221772/20150329_193930.mp4

This is my Estes Syncro mini-copter. I've since upgraded to a beefier Hubsan X4, but I noticed that one of my props (or is it the motor) on the Syncro doesn't create enough lift anymore for take off.

**Pardon my terminology, im still an novice pilot**

You'll see in the video, but I believe it's either the front right motor, or the back left motor. If anyone can offer any insight as to:

- Why is this?

-What is the real error?

- Is it an easy fix vs. cost?

I did a little research and it looks like (again, I could be completely wrong) the outer casing on the motor just spins around the actual motor, which causes it to not spin enough to get lift.

Any thoughts/insights/advice is always appreciated :) Thanks in advance

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