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has anyone here tried mediamax before?


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it gives you 25GB free storage and more if you get a paid account

so my question is, what gives?

what is the catch

obviously they have to have a revenue model of some sort, so what do they have that say google don't

anyone heard of these guys before?

by the way, if you want to try it out, i found a bugmenot account



EDIT: found out what it is, you only get 1GB/month of uploads and downloads, so the 25GB is pretty much useless cos it would take you about 2 years to fill up, assuming that you never downloaded anything. Kinda sucky :(

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I just created an account to see what it was like.

I'm currently uploading some music (free, legal music, that is (ok it's nerdcore if you must know)) just to see how well it streams. I'm tired of trying to keep my music collection synced between work and home. Maybe this will be a workable solution. If not, the only thing I've lost is my bandwidth.

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OK so I've been using this site to move some mp3s and wallpapers and so far I really like it.

You get unlimited bandwidth for uploads, it's the downloads that are limited to a gig, which is about 200 5 meg songs. There's a place to share your music (download or stream), photos, videos and another place to manage it all. The interface is pretty good, I don't have that many complaints with it.

Overall, for a free site that offers all this, it really can't be beat.

I skimmed over the ToS and there's a part in there that says they won't share, rent, sell, give, ...etc. any of your personal information to anyone unless subpoenaed.

So basically, you can upload your music to it, go to the coffee shop or work and stream your music down to you (via a playlist or single songs).

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