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Drone / q`uad stuck in tree? read this.


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After my drone was stuck in a tree for a few days, due to lack of depth perception while night flying, i started running through my different options of getting it out.

First cutting the tree down or climbing it was out of the question and dangerous. Even with a latter and loaned tree stand.

Next i tried getting a fishing line up to the branch due to the amount of surrounding trees, height, wind, lack of experience, and shady equipment, this method was out of the question as well.

I then played the waiting game after checking the weather forecast which said that in my area it was going to be sunny with 13-15 mph winds for the next few days so i hoped that mother nature would blow it out. But this did not work either.

I finally moved on to my next option and final idea one i like to deem as "The Robin Hood" method. I first called a few friends searching fir a bow and arrow or crossbow but turned up empty. So I then moved on to making my own bow.

I did this by using a 5ft 3/4in PVC pipe that had a 1/2in CPVC coupling hammered in both ends for support.

Next i used a old soldering iron with a burnt out tip (due to a lack of drill and other tools) to melt a hole through both sides on both ends of the pipe in order to secure my draw string to it.

All i had for a draw string was some nylon rope from the dollar store, but it proved to work great.

Finally i went to a few local shops searching for some arrows but since its not hunting season none carried them.

So I then went and purchased a few 7/16 wooden dowel rods for $0.25 each from my local Walmart and then used layered duct tape to make my own fletching and then used more duct tape to secure it.

For the point of the arrow i used some foam wrapped in a bit of electric tape and then attached the rest of my nylon rope down the full length of the arrow.

If you do this yourself make sure to attach the rope down the full length of the arrow otherwise it will throw your arrow off in mid air by alot.

Keep in mind used this technique the object is not to hit the quad but to get a rope to the limb its stuck on in order to shake the quad loss.

The foam was added to the tip of the arrow just in case I did hit the quad.

results of this diy drone retrieving system was very effective, It only took me 10-15 tries with no archery experience to hook the limb and shake the quad loss. The quad did suffer some damage which is to be expected after falling 100ft but it was repairable and is flying great now.

The total cost of this build was under $5.

EDIT: Also this build is completely open source. Feel free to mod it any which way you want!


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