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Question for a post i want to make about the USB Rubber Ducky and BADUSB


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First i want to mention that I'm a Huge fan for years!

So what i want to ask actually is that i have made my own web shop and trying to sell some Pentesting equipment and guides around it on how to use it, and how to do some basic pentests
but since it's somehow hacker related i can not so easy to do on advertising.

Cause i heard from a friend that google somehow ranks that kinda traffic lower than other good websites.

Like the Hak5 webshop is almost like all the time on the top here (From Belgium) if I search google for hakshop the Hak5 webshop is on the first place and even if i search hackshop so with "CK" the Hak5 webshop is on the 3th place.

But i dont have allot off money to put in advertising cause google ad's cost really way to much for me to invest in.

So since i dont have money to put in advertising and made a guide on how to make your own USB Rubber Ducky using a normal USB Stick (BADUSB) my question is if that i can make a post about it on the Hak5 forum under the USB Rubber Ducky section?

I really don't want to be cooperative against the Hakshop so now also another question is if it's okey for the Hak5 team that i made this post on my webshop and used the USB Rubber Ducky Encoder and the name in my title?

Again huge fan off the show for years now so not offended if u tell me i cannot, but i thought that i maybe should ask it first
So that i don't get in trouble.

Thanks in Advance


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Well, I don't have a say in it either way, but I don't see what harm there is with this. The reason being that the ducky is programmable which your device possibly isn't, and the ducky has a relatively beefy CPU on it which your device almost certainly doesn't. Each are in a league of their own rather than actual competitors. My suggestion would be to ask a forum admin directly, which would be someone like rkiver, digininja or seb. You can easily PM them via the forum.

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