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Pineapple stuck on green light.


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Hey so I just got my Pineapple, so I booted it up using the the pineapple juice 1500, and it was flashing with led's and stuff..

But establishing a connection on my main laptop didn't really succeed (it has a faulty ethernet port, so no real suprise), so therefore I moved to another laptop. I now recognized that it couldn't establish a connection with the other laptop either, and I therefore decide to do a factory reset using the pins: 1-0-0-1-1 it then just showed the green led, and I gave it 7 minutes or so, before powering it down, to set the pins back. I then tried again, but there were still no connection. I then tried to do a unbrick on it, and set the pin to : 1-1-1-1-0 and it booted up with diffrent colours and it was finally found by my laptop.

Unfortunately I'd missunderstood the steps, and forgot to set the static ip adress, and I therefore thought that the unbrick mode wasn't working, so I booted it down again after 6 or 7 min.

Now when I try either the normal mode, the factory reset mode, or the unbrick mode it's just flashing the green LED and I've kept it on for 10+ min and still nothing happens. Neither no connection with the ethernet cable is established.

Any help would be much appreciated

Thanks in advance

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