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es.properties backslash problem

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Hi guys,

This is my first post so first of all i´d like to say hello to all the community!

I have just bought a USB Rubber ducky i´m making some test with simple scripts. I´m using es.properties for my spanish keyboard. The problem i have is that there is no way to use backslash (\). I have been analyzing the es.properties file in order to try to find a solution, but i haven´t achieved it. I share with you my problem:

- The first thing i have checked is if the character ASCII_5C (\) is in the es.properties file. The answer is yes: ASCII_5C = KEY_TILDE

The problem is that this line is not well interpreted. For example, in this line:

STRING bitsadmin /transfer NETFX /download /priority normal http://images.gutefrage.net/media/fragen-antworten/bilder/25980263/0_big.jpg c:\Users\%username%\Desktop\Porn\yougottrolled.png

The backslash characters are interpreted with a wrong character (view image attached).

- To change this, i have modified the previous line in es.properties with ASCII_5C = KEY_BACKSLASH, but it doesn´t work.

After some more testing, i haven´t been able to solve the problem. Is there anyone who has used the backslash character with a spanish keyboard (es.properties)?Can you help me pleaseeee?

Thank you in advance for your answers!!



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