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What can I do with my Alfa adapter in Windows?


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What can I do with my Alfa AWUS036NHA (Atheros ar9271) adapter in windows?

Can you recommend some tools to achieve this?

ex. WPA cracking (I can't find a great tool for this on Windows that is noob friendly because sometimes all I want to do is just push a button)

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There are tools that run on windows to brute force WPA handshakes, but the difficult part is gathering the data to work against in windows, since most cards do not offer this function in windows drivers natively.

You can however capture the handshake on linux for cards that support monitor mode, which if you're going to use linux in monitor mode to capture a WPA handshake, then you could just use linux to also brute force the password. A simple VM of nearly any linux distro with the aircrack suite should get you started in the direction you are looking to go in though.

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I'm going to say, not much you can do...

Burn your self a Kali Iso disk. Then what can you do with a Alfa card, everything!

If you like what you see, make your self a bootable usb stick with kali persistence changes... it will perform way better then the bootable disk and you can save files...

My suggestion, try and crack wep enabled router. Try reaver wpa cracking...

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There was a nice program made for Windows a few years ago that was basically a .NET Wrapper that used the Windows binary files for aircrack-ng and it used the drivers for Commview for Wifi well the maker of the program respected the copyright of Commview for Wifi that he stopped development on the program i think he made a big mistake by dropping the program he could've kept the project going all he had to do was not include the Commview for Wifi drivers he could've told people to buy Commview for Wifi and then they could've got the drivers legally and used the drivers for his program.

But na he had to be a knuckle head and drop the project.

it was called Airowizard last time i used it their were limited cards that were supported mainly the ones that worked were like PCMCIA cards and what not.

You can still find Airowizard floating around on Google i'd just use caution when using it some nubcakes might be spreading it binded with something nasty like a trojan :B

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