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How to prevent people from accessing


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Hello there.

I just bought Mark V. Still new into hacking field.

I would like to ask some questions.

If I broadcast the fake SSID (wlan0), I still can access

Let's say the victim knows the default gateway from ipconfig and search it online and found the IP, how can I prevent them from accessing it?

Sorry for my english.


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They wont know the port number to the webui unless if they know you are running a pineapple and or scan and check the pineapple for open ports. But even still, thay can all be changed. And on top of it, its password protected, so they would have to know your password or bruteforce it. If I can remember the script suit name, there is a nice little program for openwrt & linux machines that protects against some attacks.

As for disabling access to the web ui from unwanted connections, I believe with some dnsspoof magic, this could be worked out? Not positive though

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maybe you can couple your mac adress and login.
if the mac adress is wrong show some other page then the login screen.

it wil take some time to get the mac adress right if you need to guess it.

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