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HOWTO - Adding GPS Support to WiFiPineapple using an Android Device as the GPS


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Hi All,

I am currently working on a new infusion for the WiFiPineapple and the infusion will require a GPS device. I did not find any pre built packages for GPSD, libgps, libgpsd or ADB.

So I have created some custom packages for the WiFiPineapple, thought I would share incase anyone else may need them. I have tested them on my WiFiPineapple and

they are in a 'works for me state' ;).

These are obviously unofficial builds, so use at your own risk... The source Makefiles are also included incase you wish to build them yourself.

Download the packages and/or source here: http://magikh0e.xyz/wifipineapple/

Building from source? : http://wiki.wifipineapple.com/#!build_guide.md#Building_packages_for_the_WiFi_Pineapple_MKV

Before getting started

Ensure that you have installed the following packages onto the WiFiPineapple: GPSD, libgps, libgpsd and adb.

Note: If you are not using an android as a GPS, you can skip installing the adb package..

Make sure that you have enabled USB Debugging Mode enabled on the android device.

Settings -> Applications -> Development -> USB Debugging

1. Connect the android device via USB to the WiFiPineapple and Install BlueNMEA on the android device and open then application.

BlueNMEA download: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=name.kellermann.max.bluenmea

2. Login to the WiFiPineapple via SSH and issue the following commands:

adb forward tcp:4352 tcp:4352

gpsd -N -n -D5 tcp://localhost:4352

3. GPS data will now be coming into the WiFiPineapple from the android device.

Infusion coming soon!

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Can you post your kismet.conf and gpsd.conf magik? I seem to be receiving GPS info to the pineapple as confirmed by gpsd output, and kismet claims it connects to the gpsd server in its output, but kismet is not logging GPS information. Not sure if it's related to installing kismet to the SD card or what.


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Yes I'm sure. I notice if my gps log number is something like Kismet-Jun-25-2015-6.gpsxml and I check inside it says <network-file>/path/to/logs/Kismet-Jun-25-2015-7.netxml</network-file>

Shouldn't the network-file for Kismet-Jun-25-2015-6.gpsxml be Kismet-Jun-25-2015-6.netxml ?

Why is the gpsxml saying the network xml is one number higher?

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I get lat/lon in my gpsxml files. Try installing kismet-client and seeing if the gui shows your position.

Also my file names match up. Try clearing out all the logs and starting over. Not sure if that will help or not, but it won't hurt.

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