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[Q] Would anyone be willing to pledge?

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Wanna Pledge?

So, how should I start this? Well... Some time last year, I took the time to modify parts of the MK5's web UI (here) but I wasn't able to fully test or modify it due to the lack of owning a physical unit - I had hosted it on a Raspberry Pi so most of the features were broken :sad: .

As such, I couldn't really do much with it... Had if I owned a unit, I would've kept developing on it and provided all the code via GitHub so users could freely install it at will. Due to me being a rather low-class citizen with very little money, I am unable to purchase a WiFi Pineapple so my work could start off again, neither am I able to raise the funds myself as my current income pretty much goes towards essentials - leaving me with pretty much no money I can "play with".

Anyway, I haven't started a pledge campaign yet because it would be pointless if no one wanted to help me out with it, so instead I'd rather ask you guys about it first - give me your opinion on the subject, would you be willing to help, if not - why?

What can I offer in return?

Well, I'll just put it in bullets for you - saves us all some time, don't you think?

  • Provide a custom UI
  • More customization over more elements (i.e. Change background, font styles/colors etc)
  • Fun!
  • Something a bit more "up-to-date" looking.
  • I'll add feature requests as soon as I can - making your Pineapple even more awesome!
  • Anything else?

Why trust me?

Well, I've contributed to this forum on various occasions.

  • I took the time to have a bit of fun with the MK5 firmware and share it with you guys.
  • Contributed to the USB Rubber Ducky community (such as here, here and here)
  • I'm generally quick at replying to messages and requests
  • I can be really dedicated
  • I love web design! It's amazing how cross-platform HTML is and that it can run on so many devices!
  • I've worked with people on other projects, such as Pi-RC with Brandon Skari (here)

I've written in HTML (duur), Javascript (duurr), CSS (duur), Python, PHP (of course), Batch, Bash, Visual Basic and a tiny bit of C (really tiny). I studied Networking Principals and Maintenance at college, too! I've even made my own robot before (not bragging or anything xD).

This is my recent work for my Raspberry Pi project:


Of course, I'm just asking for your opinions first - I would be utterly thankful if you decide to help me out here! I really want to develop for this awesome "toy" and contribute to you guys!

Thank you for your time and patience, I appreciate every second spent. :smile:

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