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Pineapple wont unbrick and keeps booting.


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Cant figure out whats going on with my pineapple boot, I havn't used it for awhile and it wasn't working so i Un-Bricked it loading in the new firmware shown here https://www.wifipineapple.com/?flashing . But still the same issue on boot I can never get to the 172 interface it just keeps booting and rebooting itself. here is what its doing.

Goes Solid Green + blinking blue

Then blinks all the lights on

Then Solid green + solid red

Then repeats

If i open up my network preferences I keep seeing the ethernet connect and disconnect. I tried putting the 1.2.0 firmware into the sd card hoping it would grab it but it never did.

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Did you verify that you are using the correct power supply? That seems to be a common issue. Will it stay up if the ethernet cable is disconected? About how long does it take before it does reboot?

I believe the light blinking is correct. When you see the solid red, I believe you should be able to connect via WiFi. Except at that point you say it immediately reboots? You have no opportunity to connect, answer the color challenge, and set the password?

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hmmmm It could be the wrong power supply, cord seemed rather short on it, is one with a short cord provided for something else, its been a bit since i unboxed this thing... I will look around for a second power supply or alternative power source today. And yes thats exactly thats happening it reboots before I am able to do anything, looks like it connects with the ethernet then immediately disconnects and changes lights. Although while doing the first part of the Un-Brick utilizing the 192 address and uploading the firmware it was able to hold a connection to my ethernet just fine. I am charging the Pineapple Juice right now and looking for a dual sided USB it looks like the pineapple needs for USB power, in order to check other power sources. haha I havent done a Wifi pentest in a couple years and just got one so i was hoping to try new toys on it, usually its always manual with my labtop, so I am hoping to get this working along with some other new toys.

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looking for a dual sided USB it looks like the pineapple needs for USB power

Not sure I understand, but do NOT power the pineapple through its USB port; that will damage it.

The charger should not be used to power the pineapple either.

If you can't find the correct (or suitable) power supply, let us know how it works with a fully charged battery.

PS: My MkV came with a poorly regulated atapter with a short cord for charging the battery, and a somewhat larger well-regulated adapter with a long (4+ feet) cord as the power supply. The power supply also has interchangeable euro or US plugs.

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