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Any ideas of how to simulate a keyboard?


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This is a very odd request but i was wondering if anyone had any knowledge in this area.

My goal is to take a usb cable from 1 computer to another and use pc A to send keyboard and mouse signals to pc B

i can also use serial if need be.

so basically i need pc A to be a usb keybaord/ mouse

The usb rubber ducky can do this right?

Thank for your help, i figured if any forum would know it would be here.

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The problem is that you want your PC's USB port to act as a slave to the other PC. If I'm correctly informed the USB device inside your PC simply isn't able to do that without a bit of help. Apparently something like this can do it. Only downside is that it's pretty damned pricy by my standards, and I'm instantly peaking on the aggro for that page automagically starting to play some stupid video of a monumental dork showing you the product.

In general I don't think you're really going to find anything cheaper though, since there's so very little demand for a product like that. People that want two PCs to interact use ethernet and/or wifi to get the job done. More versatile and way cheaper.

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ya i looked at a cable like that or even using serial but it would be very tough to pipe or replicate a keyboard input to a usb or serial output.

i also found ip kvm, however they are hundreds of dollars.

basically i want to make a ip kvm with no software on the client computer.

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For that you would need GPIO pins which your regular PC doesn't have.

You could perhaps get something going with, say, a raspberry pi or an arduino, but a standard PC isn't going to cut it I suspect.

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i found it, been done with teensy

little info but i got a picture and a name


Two Teensy boards communicating via the onboard UART, to "remote control"another PC (or other devices with USB keyboard capability).

Andreas Rothenwänder (Austria)

picture attached.

Does this look like 2 teensy boards attached to each other?


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Not really. It looks like a teensy with a second USB port attached to the pins.

This does that with PS2:


Only problem here is that it takes INPUT from the keyboard rather than provide OUTPUT to the keyboard. But one would think that's not too difficult to add...

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ordered a teensy board today.

if you have experience with teensy, can the computer send information to the teensy board while it is running a program?

if so is it over usb or pins?\

thanks for all your help

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I have yet to play around with a Teensy (actually just ordered one yesterday), but I know that you can send data to it via the pins similar to the way you can an arduino. I don't know if you can do it over USB while you're using it or not though. You may want to take a look at the Teensy documentation here and you may find some more info on your specific needs.

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I use Synergy like Steve mentioned. I can definitely recommend it. It works well, you need to be networked though. I've had a few issue's with it on XBMC/Kodi where it makes the screen start glitching when my mouse switches between computers, but that's only cuz i use Tablet's and Odroid's with no real GPU's i think.

They have an Android App too which has come in handy from time to time, it really turns a multi-pc experience into a multi-monitor experience.

Also, depending on your phone and what kernel you use.... There's an Android App/Kernel-Patch that turns your phone into a hid device. It works similar to the ducky, but needs to be patched into the kernel and you download the external keyboard app for free from the market. It works pretty great. It's what Nethunter uses to run HID attacks, but alot of other android developers have it patched into their kernels if you check around on xda.

Edit: The thing i like most about Synergy is i can use one mouse and keyboard at the same time for Windows Desktop, Linux Laptop, and Android phone. And it's completely seemless (except for Kodi on Arm devices). You set it up as a server on the device you use the most, then run clients on the others

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