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Initial Wireless Configuration with ICS - Karma Issues - So Very Lost


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So I have my WiFi (on laptop) connected to an SSID called WiFi and that connection is shared (ICS) with the Ethernet connection going to the pineapple. Thing is, every time I turn on Karma, the WiFi my host laptop is connected to gets Pineappled. I can access Pineapple through Ethernet but lose the internet sharing cuz Karma is broadcasting the fake SSID I was using for internet and my wireless NIC kicks over to it. I've added the MAC of my host's WiFi NIC to the Karma blacklist.

I also tried using a USB WiFi on the Pineapple itself. It also gets Pineappled and internet is lost when Karma gets turned on (and I have added that mac to the blacklist for karma as well). Even if PineAP is off, I still get kicked to the fake SSID and my Pineapple is disconnected from the net.

eth0 is the management port + sharing WiFi from laptop

wlan0 is for Karma

wlan1 is for most of the rest of the PineAP suite

wlan2 should be a functional delivery system for the available wifi in the area (in the absence of the laptop) Also, do I need to manually edit the default gateway for internet sharing if I use this wireless radio instead of eth0 or is that auto-detected?

So if I'm feeding WiFi through ICS (Ethernet) to the Pineapple and turn Karma etc. on, (with the mac blacklisted) why am I getting kicked to the fake SSID? Must I use a different

SSID to share and whitelist the SSID in karma?

Are you unable to share the WiFi of a SSID that might get re-broadcast by Karma? I was under the impression you could continue to provide internet access through the legitimate wireless AP while serving an Evil Twin (PineAP I think). I guess I'm a little turned around. Any help would be much appreciated.

Pulling my hair out trying to figure out what stupid mistake I'm making here.

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