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[FIRMWARE PROBLEM] Composite_Duck writes only 77-90 instructions..


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Hi to all,
I am playing with this fantastic gadget and I very like it !
I ordered more than 10 usb and all works great.

I am also working on a custom firmware so I had cloned the svn repository for compile the frmwares.

Currently I am working on composite_duck firmware: Composite_Duck.zip.

In this firmware I have notice a bug..that elaborate only 77-90 instructions.

My operations are:

--> open a notepad --> write text here.

The maximum lenght that I can write into notepad is only 77 character.

The character/instructions are hard-coded into the firmware.. trought the array ui_sequence.

Into the wiki I read that this firmware could write more than 2048 characters.

Anyone have the same problem ?

Coulb be a problem becuase I haven't a "delay" ?

Many thanks,

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Your bug is to do with size - specifically size of memory.

Each key-press, and some key-combos use two bytes {modifier byte, key byte} and micro controller has limited memory, as the payload needs to be read into memory before swapping to storage mode.

You have 1-2KB (from memory) so you need less than that number of bytes to work correctly.

As for the firmware, googlecode changed their download policy, there is a bunch of updates in google drive, the link is on the ducky decode homepage.

My personal circumstances have changed which means I don't have a lot of time to support this project these days, but the ranks have expanded with a few ducky developers.

Not sure whats been going on lately...

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