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Ettercap still useful?


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I've done some Arp poisoning with Kali a while back. If i recall correctly, you have to choose a specific client (after performing a scan) then inject ARP posioning...

But the results would be limited because of HSTS, right? (I hope im wrong)


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well defining the source & target can be set to discover and redirect all on the network with -M arp: oneway,remote // // . What arp poisoning does, is tells the networked devices "hey, I'm the router you're connected to, connect to me instead of the real one". but still, if using it for stripping reasons then hsts will be limited as you would still need to set up that bit or run an external program to strip data from now all connected local and external network devices (such as sslstrip), but for general network monitoring / sniffing, it works great.

But I don't use it to sniff any passwords or anything like that, just use it for better monitoring on my network.

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