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Problems with contacting the hak shop


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So I have been having problems emailing the hak shop. Since nobody's talking to me it seems I can't get the items to finish up my pineapple kit. Since I can't get a-hold of you I am here to ask the community what alternative batteries I can get for my pineapple not through the hack shop. I don't want to fry my pineapple, and I don't want to end up with insufficient power.

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Hi Overwraith,

Forward me your mail to seb@hak5.org and I'll make sure it gets read.

If you want different batteries, we ideally want to supply 10W of power (at 5-12V). That means 5V@2A, 9V@1-1.5A, 12V@1A configurations.

Basically, any configuration of the above will work, as V*A=W.

Best Regards,


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I sent a new email yesterday. I put seb in there, as well as a copy to the hak shop. I sent another just now to all three addresses, and verified that I could send email to another email account. The content of the message has changed since I last sent, I don't want to confuse any body.

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